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Ms. Kayundra Simpson was raised in a small town in Arkansas yet her life’s journey would take her multiple places in the United States before allowing her to settle in Atlanta, GA.

Her journey has been one that not many women, or men, could have made without losing their minds and/or lives. However; in order that she could share her God-given talent of easing the pain with words, she had to learn pain. The pain of bearing two beautiful daughters and raising them as a single mother; the pain of losing her mother just before entering adult hood; and assuming the responsibility of her pre-teen sister, while at the same time having to raise her own children. The pain of losing her paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather, who taught her how a woman should live her life both mentally and spiritually. Her two daughters, who are now growing into two wonderful women, that reflect their mother’s love and spirit for life. Ms. Simpson provides evidence that the sacrifices she has made were worth it in order to give her daughters a life far better than her own.

Everything she loves starts with a K. She is a young lady who welcomes you to this journey she’s on, the good bad and indifferent. She has proven that as long as you keep God first you can do anything. For Ms. Simpson, giving up is just not a option. Most people that know her would say she is a young woman that will tell you how she feels with no sugar coating it. She is a Entrepreneur, Key Note/Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Author, Poet and last but not least a child of God. She brought you God Gave Me This Talent , then she was a part of Poetic Lounge & Tragedy to Triumph, then she went on to do Real Talk and Forbidden Erotic Thoughts… Her New Book I’m Just Not Built To Break will be released this Year.


Original Piece by Kayundra Simpson

You couldn’t imagine what I deal with or face
Yeah I had to slow all the way down and come at this at a different pace
I’m a messenger so I have to finish this race
Don’t look at me in disguise or disgrace
You see this is not some kind of game
They said never again will my life be the same
The GOD I serve that is just something I will not and cannot calm
Nor will I hold my head down in shame
When I have a seizure please don’t freak
Don’t get upset if I don’t take your calls, text, emails or even speak
Educate yourself a little more because after a seizure for days I’m weak.
And all I want to do is sleep
Please do you best to be my friend
A helping hand is what I’m asking for you to lend
In the case you’re with me and I start to seize
Make sure you time it and place me on my side please
Don’t leave me alone stay with me until the event subsides
Under 5 minutes should be no trouble
If in doubt call 911 on the double
Yes I have Epilepsy this is true
I’m still a person just like you
The only difference I’m over coming and going through
It would be best to educate yourself on my illness to
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

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November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. Epilepsy affects about 2 million people in the United States and is characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. Delayed recognition of these seizures and inadequate treatment increases the risk for additional seizures, disability, decreased health-related quality of life and, in rare instances, death.