November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

November 2015
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My Story

What is Epilepsy? Have you really understood what this disease can do to a person? Have you seen someone go from standing and holding a conversation to being totally paralyzed? There is nothing that you can do. You don’t need to stick anything in their mouth. This is your first misconception and a bad mistake. The second mistake is thinking that it is simply seizures. Let me enlighten you. According to the American Medical Association Epilepsy is “A disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures.” Having a seizure does not mean that you have epilepsy. There must be a medical diagnosis along with many labs to diagnose you with this disease. Often times I get “you don’t look sick!” Well what does sick look like to you is my question. When you have a chronic illness a lot of the time you don’t look sick until you are in the hospital bed. But that does not mean that I feel well each time you see me. I just know how to mask the pain.

Now that I have given you a small background in regards to this disorder let me tell you how “she”, or better known as Epilepsy, has affected my life. In 2010,  I can remember when I was doing me or rather so I thought I was doing me. I was going somewhere to a business meeting. The next thing I know or remember is the officer asking me if I was okay. It appeared that I had been in a car accident. I still don’t remember to this day what happened, But little did I know that from that day on my life would never be the same.  Now I have a daily routine of medicines and side-effects. I can’t drive because I have this disease. I am limited on what I eat and drink daily. I  have been told by my doctors to reduce my workload. They don’t have to tell me that because I cannot function as I did previously. My medicines run in excess of  close to $800 monthly. That’s my part that I have to pay out-of-pocket. I have to have these in order to live.  I think the worst of it all was me losing my independence and having to depend on other to do the things for me that I use to be able to do it on my own. It’s the simple things that people take for granted that I wish I could do.  Something as simple as taking a bath, sitting down in a bathtub. It’s important to have a support system for this is not something one can’t handle nor go through along.  do along.  For me not been able to run my businesses effectively, having to learning how to sit down and be still was a cut below the belt. I don’t know how to do nothing, but i’m learning to take on this illness and not let it get the best of me.  I have Epilepsy but it will not have me. I have just got to learn how to do things different. With the help of my support system and family I can and will do it.

I am not here to beg for me but I am here to help support the next person that may not have access to help. How can you help? So glad you asked. You can show your support by wearing  Purple or you may make donation by clicking on the link or you can even mail it to the address that is listed. You also have the option of visiting my online store and purchasing an item. We will donate a portion of each sale to the Epilepsy Foundation.

That’s why having a support system is important and so very much needed. Please support Epilepsy Awareness this month!!!!! And remember love conquers all. I love each of you.


of Americans will develop epilepsy

million people in U.S. have epilepsy

of those diagnozed will experience recurring seizures

Epilepsy Awareness

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