About Me

Get to know Ms. Kayundra Simpson


Kayundra Simpson resides in Atlanta, GA. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters K’la Jones & K’Ona Simpson, also she is a new grandmother of Kaylei Thompson. Everything she loves starts with a K. She is a young lady who welcomes you to this journey she’s on, the good and bad. She has proven that as long as you keep God first you can do anything. For Ms. Simpson, giving up is just not an option. Most people that know her would say she is a young woman that will tell you how she feels with no sugar coating it.

She is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Author, Poet and last but not least a child of God.. She brought you God Gave Me This Talent in 2010, then she was a part of Poetic Lounge in 2011, and in 2012 she brought you Real Talk What Others Are Afraid To Say! Stay tuned as she preparing to release more of her books and poetry!